About Balochistan United Front (Federal Republican)


Balochistan United Front was originally formed as Balochistan United Front of Iran to bring Western Balochistan political activists together, to unite Baloch as one voice, for one cause, one struggle, and to utilize their collective power to make them more effective in promoting Baloch interests.
After the 1979 revolution and the brutal oppression of all Baloch political parties and individual activists, some Baloch parties became inactive and some individuals quit the politic all together. The formation of Balochistan United Front of Iran was a unique opportunity to bring fragmented Baloch parties and individuals together and to give them a united voice to promote Baloch cause in the world and among Iranian opposition.
At the beginning Balochistan United Front of Iran was making progress and started positioning itself as a major contender in Iranian struggle for democracy.
This unique opportunity was seized by couple of Balochistan United Front of Iran opportunist founding leaders to promote themselves instead of promoting the Balochistan interests.
These Persian domesticated opportunist leaders interpreted their own interest as Balochistan interests and once again proved their own immaturity and leaving no doubts that they are strangers to the democracy and politic especially at the world class scale that other responsible founding leaders of Balochistan United Front of Iran had embarked.
The domesticated opportunist leaders destroyed all accomplishments and efforts by the responsible founding leaders to bring Balochistan United Front of Iran close to a solidarity with other Baloch parties and Iranian opposition democratic movements.
since the opportunist and Persian domesticated leaders of Balochistan United Front of Iran had changed the directions to receive and follow orders from major Iranian parties, especially directions from Iranian Royalist to install a Persian king in Balochistan, to promote and elevate themselves to fame at the cost of hurting Baloch interest, the majority of responsible founding leaders of Balochistan United Front of Iran draw the line and announced that they would not allow the Persian domesticated opportunist Balochistan United Front of Iran leaders to use this organization for their own personal promotions and to receive and follow orders from Iranian political parties hence the Majority of respected, responsible founding leaders announce the branching out of Balochistan United Front of Iran and established Balochistan United Front (Federal Republican).
 The new organization has clear vision for Balochistan and defined Baloch interest in establishing a federal democratic government in Iran to achieve a level of democracy that would allow Baloch in Balochistan to be the master of their own destiny.
Balochistan United Front ( Federal Republican) struggle to establish a federal democratic republic government in Iran and create a federal form of state government similar to federal government in Balochistan where Baloch would be able to elect their own governor, elect upper and lower house of parliament in Balochistan as legislating body which in some terminology is called house of representatives and senate, establish Balochistan national guard to protect the state and prevent the federal government and federal military from launching coup to seize power.
Balochistan United Front (Federal Republican) honor and promote ethnic and religious diversity, human rights according to united nations human rights charter.
Every city shall have an elected mayor with police force under the mayor's command. The governor of Balochistan would be the commander-in-chief of Balochistan national guard.
The Federal government would have the responsibility to protect the whole country from foreign invasion and to preserve the Iran territorial integrity, the Federal government would own and regulate the foreign commerce and trade.