Appeal to the Swedish government and political parties

Sweden should condemn executions of political prisoners in Iran and work to ensure that the Iranian rulers with Khamenei and Ahmadinedjad as highest responsible becomes convicted of crimes against humanity in the UN international tribunal.

Again, the Iranian regime defied the international community and executed five political prisoners of Kurdish origin. As usual, they have been accused of having links with armed groups fighting the regime. This indictment is the most common and standard accusation when the regime execute political prisoners of Kurdish or ethnic Baloch origin. The Kurds political prisoners usually accuse to have links with Pjak (a Kurdish rebel group) and the Balochs accuses of belonging to Jundollah (a Baloch rebel group). In addition to these accusations they often accuses of being spies for the West, and Israel!
The Kurdish political prisoners have been sentenced to death without having the opportunity to defend themselves in a trial that is worth the name.

The Iranian regime has, since they took power in 1979, executed more than hundreds of thousands of political prisoners. In the beginning was the supporter of the Iranian opposition group Mojahedin Khalgh and sympathizers of the various left groups who were victims of the regime's anger. But in recent years, the majority of the executed are from Balochs or Kurds. One of the main reasons is that they belong to the Sunni branch of Islam, unlike the Persian rulers who are Shia Muslims. Another reason is that the provinces of Balochistan and Kurdistan are exploited by the regime but no investment is made there. Unemployment and poverty are highest in these regions. Therefore people are protesting. The regime responds to criticism with imprisonment and executions.

Another minority that is under strong repression is the Arab minority who inhabit the oil-rich province Alahvaz. Despite oil wealth, the Arabs living in misery. The slightest protest is answered with execution. Other minorities such as Azeri (Turks) are also discriminated but not as much as Balochs, Kurds and Arabs.

As protest to the recent killings have, the Kurds in of Iran occupied part of Kurdistan, announced and implemented a successful strike. In addition, many demonstrations have been taken place in various countries around the world. But the regime in Iran does not care so much of public opinion abroad. And therefore it is time that the Swedish government in cooperation with UN and the EU works to bring the Iranian leaders to justice in the international court in the same way as you did with the former Yugoslavian or African war criminals.

Kind Regards,

M. Baloch

Baloch Community - Sweden

Stockholm 2010-05-15

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