Dated: October 6, 2007


Amnesty International,




Subject:   Response to Amnesty International’s report on Balochistan


The People's Resistance of Movement of Iran wishes to express its deepest gratitude to you for preparing a report on the violations of fundamental human rights of Baloch people in Iran.


This is the first report of such kind in the entire history of Balochistan where the abuse and violations of human rights have been correctly identified, recognized and expressed in terms of human rights.


Our organization was formed under the necessity of preserving our dignity, identity, culture and freedom.  All these values and issues have been widely emphasised in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other United Nations and human rights conventions. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly manifests in its preamble:


“Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people, "


"Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law.”  PREAMBLE, Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


This document clearly declares that when there is no any other choice, people are entitled to rebellion against tyranny and oppression to protect their fundamental rights. 


We have repeatedly said that our organization is a self-defensive organization. A defensive organization can only exist if it is attacked.  We act only in self-defence and avoid confrontation in public places where the lives of ordinary people may be endangered. If the Iranian regime stops its discriminatory and ethnic cleansing policies against Baloch in Balochistan, there would not be any tangible reason for our existence.


We are committed fully and completely to all of the articles of human rights charter.  If you and other international organizations and countries apply pressure on Iranian regime to respect and recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other conventions, there will be no reason for us to take arms against it.


We urge you to seek the support of other countries and human-friendly organizations to help in stopping the Iranian regime from violating our fundamental human rights in Balochistan.

In your report suggest the following recommendations to us


   Immediately cease all abductions and hostage-taking, which violate international law.


   Immediately cease all executions, torture and ill-treatment of people under their control, which violate international law.


   End indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and refrain from attacks against civilians.


   Remove any members suspected of abuses from positions and situations where they might continue to perpetrate abuses.


   Publicly condemn attacks against civilians, indiscriminate attacks, hostage-taking, executions, torture and ill-treatment, and issue instructions to members strictly prohibiting such acts in all circumstances.


   Undertake to abide by customary principles of international humanitarian and human rights law.


We publicly declare that we accept your recommendations.  We also publicly declare that our legal and legitimate activities will continue until we stop tyranny and oppression against our people as recommended in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Baloch people along will never give up their right to campaign for establishing democracy in Iran.  We will never surrender as our surrender will be the encouragement of the oppressor to pursue its policies of tyranny and oppression against the Baloch people in a wider range.


The Baloch people are entitled to a prosperous, decent, peaceful, secure, and stable life and we are going to continue our legitimate and legal campaign to achieve these objectives.


However, we have done our best to comply with international law and human rights principles and conventions in very tough circumstances in which we live. We are not a state and therefore we do not possess the appropriate facilities and yet, our treatments of our prisoners have been much better than the treatment that the Iranian government has given to their prisoners.


The Iranian regime has announced Balochistan as a war zone. You in your own report documented the directive the commanders of the Iranian security forces in Balochistan received in which they are instructed to execute the Baloch people when they were arrested without trial.  When we capture the members of security forces, we treat them with human dignity.  We cannot treat them otherwise as we are fighting for the preservation of human dignity all over Iran and for all Iranians.


We know how important is the dignity of people and their fundamental human rights as we are the victims of a regime that uses fear to crash our dignity; a regime that doesn't follow its own constitution, laws and regulations, neither the international law or recommendations of human rights organisations.


As a matter of fact, many international organizations and countries have chosen to be silent on the abuse and violations of human rights in Iran and specifically on ethnic minorities. We have also reached this painful conclusion that the world does not show serious concern about the abuse and violations of fundamental rights of the Baloch people by the Iranian regime; therefore, it is our responsibility and duty to use all our potentials to stop it ourselves.


We are determined to pursue our campaign along with other oppressed nations throughout the world until we realise our vision which is based on democracy, freedom and human dignity.


The international community must not allow itself to become a silent observer of human rights violations in Balochistan by Iranian regime because it is well aware of this fact that the Iranian regime is sponsoring international terrorism throughout the world and has exported violence and terrorism all over the earth.  This regime could not have done that if the international community had the will to stop it. 


We are a small organization but we have the courage and determination to do what the rest of the world has chosen to avoid.




The People's Resistance of Movement of Iran