Interfaith International & UNPO with collaboration with Baloch Human Rights Council (UK), World Sindhi Congress and Sindhi Baloch Forum held a conference on Balochistan entitled “Self – DETERMINATION IN BALOCHISTAN – ITS RELATION TO REGIONAL & GLOBAL SECURITY” on 8th June 2009 during the 11th session of the UNHRC in Geneva. The conference was presided over by Dr. Charles Graves of interfaith international.   The UNPO representative Ms. Maggie Murphy introduced the Balochistan issue.


The Baloch representative in the UN Mr. Noordin Mengal in his presentation gave a graphic detail of atrocities committed by Pakistani state in Balochistan since the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani forces. He spoke on Gross Human Rights Violation in Balochistan, enforced disappearances, political assassination and target killings, mass arrests, mass Killings and Torture of the Baloch by Pakistani State agencies. He also shed light on Balochistan IDPs, freedom of expression and social and economical discrimination towards the Baloch by the Pakistani state. Pakistan’s fifth army operation in Balochistan is continuing. During the recent military operation 2004-2009 in Balochistan, serious human rights violations have been recorded by various human rights organizations.  The Pakistani state is continuously suppressing, violating and subduing the Baloch right of freedom and sovereignty. The ISI and Military Intelligence (MI) agencies are largely responsible for the arrest and disappearances of thousands of Baloch people. Pakistan’s persistent policy to physically eliminate the Baloch political leaders is alarming.


Elaborating on the Pakistani atrocities, he said that the indiscriminate and disproportionate use of force by the military resulted in killing of hundreds of Baloch civilians national leaders including Baloch national leader Nawab  Akbar Bugti and Nawabzada Balach Marri.  The Baloch national leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal was illegally detained in solitary confinement and kept in an iron cage for one and half year. A renowned Baloch intellectual, political analysts and writer Mr. Jan Mohammad Dashti was critically injured in an attempt on his life.  He said that women have been reported missing and arbitrarily detained including zarrina marri a 23 year old schoolteacher from Kahan.  Due to indiscriminate and continuous air and ground offensive by the Pakistani air force and military more than two hundred thousands of people have been displaced from Dera Bugti and kohlu.  Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Baloch chairman of BNM Lala Munir Ahmad Baloch vice-chairman of BNM Sher Mohammad joint secretary of BRP were abducted by the Pakistani secret agencies ISI and MI from their solicitor office after a court hearing on 3rd April 2009. They were blind folded, whisked away and killed by pakistani security forces. Their mutilated and decomposed bodies were found in Peedark near Turbat after six days.


He said that the Baloch have never accepted the occupation of their land from day one and have resisted it. He said that it is imperative that the Baloch should exercise the universal right of self determination as envisaged by the UN Charter. He appealed to the UN and the international community to help and support the Baloch for their just struggle for freedom, dignity and sovereignty as an independent secular democratic Balochistan can play a pivotal role in the regional and global security.


Ms. Suriya Makhdoom of World Sindhi Congress expressed her solidarity with the Baloch nation and said Sindhis are also oppressed by Pakistani establishment. She highlighted the suffering and injustices of Sindhi nation by the Pakistani establishment


.Mr Samad Baloch Secretary General Of Baloch Human rights Council (UK) spoke on Baloch right of self determination and its impact on Regional & Global security. He said that the Baloch struggle for the right of self determination by implication has impacts on regional and global peace. The right of self-determination of peoples is a fundamental principle in international law and emergence of democratic and secular sovereign states in the region as a result of granting the right of self determination to the Baloch and other oppressed nations will be a counter check for the religious fundamentalist states of Pakistan and Iran and will contribute to regional and world security. He added that the Baloch consider the occupation of their land by Pakistan and Iran as illegal. The Baloch have never accepted the annexation of their newly independent state into Pakistan and adopted various forms of resistance to illegal occupation. Since the collapse of the organized resistance against the Iranian occupation in 1928, the Baloch in Iranian held territory have been resisting the occupation through political mobilization and low intensity armed movements. He emphasized that allowing the Baloch to exercise their right of self determination will lead to the achievement of this right by the other subjugated nationalities like Sindhis, Kurds, Azeris, Seraikis and other in Iran and Pakistan. He urged the international community to get involved in the conflict between the Baloch and the occupying states as it is imperative for securing a long lasting peace and security situation in the region that the unjust state boundaries should be readjusted and the divided Baloch should be united.

Mr. Nasser Boledai of Balochistan Peoples Party (Iran), Mr. Abdullah Baloch of Balochistan national Movement (Iran) Jamshed Amiri of BUFFR spoke on the brutalities of Iranian Shia state in Balochistan. They gave a detailed account of the recent mass arrests, harassment of Baloch people and the execution of innocent Baloch civilians in Zahidan. They said high level of intimidation, harassment arrests, and torture is ongoing in Balochistan by Iranian state. Peaceful protests have been suppressed, political and religious leaders have been detained unlawfully, freedom of expression and assembly is totally restricted. They exposed the crude brutalities and heinous crimes committed against humanity in Balochistan by shia state of Iran and requested the UN to take notice the naked fascism and brutalities of Tehran against the Baloch civilians and asked the UN and the international community to support the Baloch struggle for sovereignty.  Munir  Mengal, and a Kashmiri representative also spoke on the occasion. Tariq Sabro read a statement on behalf of Suleman Daud, the Khan Of Kalat to the conference.


Issued by:

Samad Baloch

Secretary General Of Balochi Human Rights Council (UK), Dated 10 June 2009