Is Baloch struggle for freedom a lost cause?

The execution of two Baloch religious leaders, molana Abdul Qodous mollazahi and Molana Mohammad Yousef Sohrabi in Iran was not imaginable but to the surprise of every one, the Islamic republic of Iran did it anyway. The Islamic Republic of Iranís daring action against Sunni religious leaders highlights the Shiite religious Leaders confident in their control of Sunni religious leaders.The Iranian government is sure that their rhetoric and masses manipulation is effective to the point that they will not expect any backlash from Baloch religious leaders and Baloch religious leaderís cooperation with the government is guaranteed. The Islamic Republic of Iran has succeeded in creating a new rank and file class among Baloch and Sunnis.


This new rank and file class is Baloch Sunni religious leaders who have discovered a comfortable life, power and masses control after the Islamic Iranís 1979 revolution.
The Baloch and Sunni religious leaders justify their cooperation with Islamic Republic of Iran ruling Mullahs by the Sunni religious principal that they would have to obey the current and ruling government of Islamic republic ruling Shiite or any ruling government and this is a well known fact about Sunni religion.


The Baloch Sunni religious leaders will not risk their government created job, a government meager financial aid and political position to go against the Iranian government policies even at the price of converting all Sunni Baloch to Shiite.


Therefore even execution of Sunni religious leaders is guaranteed not to generate any objection, let alone backlash and street riots. The Baloch Diaspora abroad did not have an effective reaction due to secular nature of Baloch Diaspora. The execution of two Baloch religious leaders received little attention from Iranian Baloch opposition abroad and Baloch leaders in Iran as well, as a result the execution of the two Baloch religious leaders is fading away from public memory.


Iranian governmentís heinous act of executing two innocent Baloch religious leaders exposed western Balochistan political movementís inherent weakness.

The weakness in Iranian Baloch political movement is in how they perceive democracy as well as the role of Baloch religious leaders.

In the early days of Iranian revolution, the Baloch religious leaders were influenced by Islamic republic propaganda against Baloch youth and the Afghan mojahedin battle against Soviet Union and saw the young Baloch political activist as communist

And atheist and did not support the Baloch struggle for autonomy to the point that in the attack on Balochistan University for closer in Zahedan in 1358-1359 (Iranian calendar), late molana Abdul-Malek Mollazadeh and his body guards were among the attackers on university students but later he and other Baloch religious leaders face the wrath of Shiite mullahs and lost

Their lives and lost the trust of now Baloch mature politician who were the activist youth in early years of Iran revolution.

As a result any Baloch religious movement and or any movement lead by a religious person will find itself alone and without the support of Baloch opposition abroad since Baloch opposition abroad make up the bulk of Baloch political activists.


The other weakness in western Balochistan political movements is that there is no credible source for news organizations to go to verify the events that happening on the ground in Western Balochistan. The first task for Western Balochistan political organizations is to establish a credible source for information and that also involves better and strict editorial policies for their web sites and news papers if any and they also must take an active role in verify the information for their credibility and truthfulness before the news organizations go to them for information and they also need to learn the format of press releases

To media and the western media formalities that requires the contact name and telephone number for verification.


The perception about democracy has taken an ultra wide dimension among the Baloch abroad especially for some Baloch

Who own websites.

The website owners think publishing everything that any one anonymously post is democracy and not publishing anonymous opinions, news and information is undemocratic, and this makes them oblivion to the fact that they are promoting anarchism rather than democracy.

Most of the information that are posted on some of the western Balochistan political website is deemed unreliable to a high degree, due to lack of strict editorial policies and perceived unprofessionalism, that is why news organizations donít use the information from western Balochistan political parties, for the fear of jeopardizing their own credibility and yet we accuse them of being biased toward Baloch.

Take for instance the case of explosion in Shiraz, the harkat Jehad Ahle Sunnat iran(Sunni holly war movement of Iran) claimed responsibility for the explosion in Shiraz and Before that or at the same time another group or person on Pahra Weblog claimed responsibility and threaten retaliation against Iranian government and the claims for responsibility were made without a press release, contact information to verify the credibility of claim and how to contact them. The People resistance movement of Iran (former Jondollah) also threatened retaliation after the execution of the two Baloch religious leaders; the threats and bluffs are a sign of immaturity and inactivity on the part of parties who makes them hitherto are not taken serious.

Some of the western Balochistan political movements appear to believe that the war against the dictators and tyrant governments are won by bluff and not action. They are discrediting themselves with these threats and bluffs since none of the threats and bluff have been followed through with actions except on occasions Jondollah has followed through, in addition to that, bluff and threats are also perceived unprofessional in political world and not taken seriously and the movement is ignored in its entirety.

To add to the agony of the Western Baloch, Mr. Reza Hossain Bor took all these threats and bluffs to a higher degree and publish them as credible while non of bluff and threats have materialized. Although Mr. Reza Hossain Bor may have some good points in his analysis of Iran and Balochistan but he is discrediting himself by taking all these threats and bluff and unsubstantiated claims serious.

To every politician dismay, some western Balochistan political activist created a weblog instead of website where the owner of the weblog domain throws in commercial advertisements to make it appear a commercial business that works for commission to promote goods and services instead of a political party website and made it the subject of ridicule by Mr. Mohammad Amini last fall(Autumn) further devaluing the class of the western Balochistan political movements.

The hope is that our western Balochistan political movements get their acts together and create an environment of trust

To make them trust worthy to the media and public and the hope is that the Baloch weblog owners and website owners

For their own good will create better and strict editorial policies to have control over a runaway situation.


Payam Omid

April, 2008