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Report By RICHARD ESPOSITO and BRIAN ROSS on May 23, 2008

Pakistan May Turn Over U.S. 'Spies' to Iran

Iran Claims Jundullah Militants, Led by Abdel Malik Regi, Are 'Spies' for the CIA

Following the story made and broadcasted by ABC journalists RICHARD ESPOSITO and BRIAN ROSS on May 23, 2008,

About the recent developments in Iranian Balouchistan, the People Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI AKA former Jundullah), in addition to appreciating your efforts for making such steps, we felt it is necessary to clarify some points as we noticed some serious shortcomings in the above mentioned report, which were mainly originated from your sources of information:


  • A significant portion of the report was based on wrong information from Iranian regime' sources. We are surprised how a credible and well reputed institution like ABC is not aware of lies being made by Iranian regime on daily basis which is now is clear for entire world.


  • The reports quoted a U.S official that he and his colleagues are giving advice to the PRMI. We should make it clear that the PRMI is a popular organization having its roots among the people of Iran particularly Balouchistan. It is an independent organization with no connection to CIA or any other foreign agency, although the PRMI reserves the rights to talk with any country on the issues of mutual concerns without being obliged to take dictation from them. Spying for the CIA or any other intelligence agency is simply a propaganda project by the Iranian regime as usual in order to defame the movement. We reject the statements of the U.S officials and will officially write to the U.S foreign office for their baseless claims. We adamantly declare that we do not receive advice, financial aid, moral support, or support of any kind from the United State of Americas government and its agencies or any other foreign county.


  • As far as the members of the PRMI are concerned, no one is taken into custody in Pakistan nor is any one in that country to be arrested either. All of them are in the cities of Iran or in the mountains of Balouchistan. They are engaged in an urban guerrilla defensive warfare and all our members are in Iran indeed. How ever, according to reports, some Balouch people were arrested last year. Since then, the Iranian regime is busily contacting Pakistani authorities to get them extradited for its domestic propaganda consumption. The regime wants to publicize them as members of PRMI thus undermine the confidence of its (PRMI) supporters and weaken them psychologically.


  • During its short life, the group has undergone through a great transformation. It has expanded itself into the entire Iran and now thousands of people either are supporting this organization or have joined it. New principles, positions and guidelines have been adapted in them believe in federalism, democracy and democratic values has been accepted as the main guiding light of the organization and the members. Consequently, the organization has changed its name from "Jundullah" to "People Resistance Movement of Iran".


  • The PRMI is a self- defensive organization, which has been struggling in full consistency with the United Nations charter and other human friendly documents for the attainment of the rights of the Balouch people. It is striving for a democratic Iran where fundamental human rights are respected and valued. Obviously, towards this goal PRMI is not going to violate any principle that it is striving for. To be noted that we strongly believe in civil campaigns but since the Iranian theocratic regime has banned all political activities in Balouchistan, there is no any other alternative but to turn to the same strategy that the government uses against the Balouch and the Iranian people as whole. Our struggle for democracy and human right is based on United nations human rights charter and is defensive in nature, we defend out home turf and only when the Iranian security forces come to attack us, therefore our organization can not be classified as a terrorist organization as we are not the aggressor.


  • Finally, if the ABC News is interested to know about PMRI, we would welcome your team at the mountains of Balouchisatn, facilitate its travel and provide it with full security, and we expect ABC news and its affiliates to correct this story at its earliest.



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