Mr Ban Ki-moon,
United Nations,
New York,
United States.

Subject: People Resistance Movement of Iran welcomes UN’s mediatory role

I am writing to you to let you know the situation under which the Balouch people are living in their motherland Balouchistan, Iran.

Since the first day of the Islamic revolution in Iran, the Balouch have been suffering from systematic discrimination in the hands of the Iranian theocratic regime. The regime has been exploiting their resources and destroying their sacred places besides suppressing them culturally. They are not allowed to read and write their mother language and their presence in decision making and administration apparatus is nil. Over 2,000 Balouch have been executed on baseless charges since 1979. To mention just one example, 13 Balouch youths were hanged to death on July 14, 2009.

The People Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI) is fighting such a merciless enemy. It’s struggling for democracy and human rights in Iran. Its main political strategy is to work with other Iranian opposition groups (inside or outside) for restoring the citizenry rights of all Iranian religious and ethnic groups, including the Sunnites and the Balouch who are the main victims of Iran’s suppressive regime.

We are determined to stop the massacre of the Balouch people in the hands of the Iranian regime and we believe that self-defence is our basic right endorsed by universal human rights instruments, including the United Nations Conventions and Universal Declarations of Human Rights. Our long-term objective is to work for the establishment of a democratic Iran where all citizens, no matter to which ethnic group or religious sect they belong, enjoy justice and equal rights under a federal system and their right to self-determination is respected.

I assure you and the world community that my organization will abide by the international laws and human rights value as we ourselves are the victims of injustice.

I strongly request you as the head of United Nations -- the principal guardian of human rights values -- to raise this issue in the UNSC and suggest it to send a delegation to Balouchistan on a fact-finding mission so that acts of human rights violation by Iran are revealed to the international community. I also request you to use your personal and official weight to press the Iranian government to stop state terrorism against the Balouch. We are ready to lay down arms but only if the Iranian government provides guarantees to respect the rights of the Balouch people as mentioned in the Iranian constitution, In this regard, my organization will welcome your mediatory role.

Your efforts in this regard will help in establishing global security, peace and stability that are your organization’s primary goals.

Abdul Malik Regi
Leader of People Resistance Movement of Iran
Sunday 15 November 2009