The state survives in Pakistan today by force


A nation is constituted by a sense, of its memberís cultural community with each other based on a shared past, a heritage of common ways and traditions. Pakistan is a colonial state combined of five indigenous nations plus Indian migrants who migrated after British consented to divide the subcontinent on religion.


ďSociety is an achievement of human nature not divorced in nature from natural in general. Having a certain degree of solidarity i.e. being able, up to a certain point to endure the tests and answer the questions which are suggested by the scrutiny of human life from the point of view of value and completeness. Pakistan as a nation does not have a sense of solidarity as a result of historic achievement. However, five nations each have a strong sense of their own individual identity and jealously guard their cultural ethnic boundary from each other. The state has not been able to satisfy and maintain harmony between these ethnic groups and within the state. Instead it has relied on force to maintain the state, and with Islamic identity; an Islamic identity which the migrants brought with them from India and revitalized Iqbalís, Lahore myth.


Islam as an identity of the state produced Taliban and other fundamentalist group. There is no such thing as political obligation any more than moral obligation. People do what they want to do unless and until they are forcibly restrained by force. Pakistan is a matter of physical force and nothing else, and there are 160 million of them which is their sense of self-government and self-maintenance destroyed. Use of force cannot go on forever and has limitations.


Western civilization can delay the demise of state of Pakistan for a limited period, but not forever. The Pakistani themselves have no will to maintain the state. External preservation has its limits. Is it morally justifiable to maintain a state that the majority of Pakistani population do not support?

The army is a state within a state, financed by western states.

Western countries finance Pakistanís army in order to prevent the state from verge of collapse; Pakistan is a nuclear state, Pakistani nuclear weapons may fall in to the wrong hands, that is to suggest, these weapon are not in the wrong hands already. Saudi finance Pakistan because Pakistan holds Islamic bomb and the majority of Pakistan is Sunni sect of religion making Pakistan and Saudi natural allies.


Fanatics support Pakistan because Lahore is the capital of Islamic Umah, this is the same reason why Saudi supports Pakistan. Most fanatics spend some time in Lahore Madrases, the world fanatical power house.


The state survives in Pakistan today by force. Once force ceases the state of Pakistan would cease to exist. There may come a time when two forces collide and one has to prevail. To some Pakistan is not a legitimate state and its elite rulers are not legitimate rulers.

Religious parties are seeds of fundamentalist brought from India, by migrant (Mullana Madodi), cultivated in the NWF frontier in order to counter early Pakhtoon nationalist movement, and thrive by Saudiís help later. Now the state of Pakistan is the champion of Islam, projecting a picture that Taliban are aliens landed in the NWF frontier.

The state of Pakistan contradicts itself in every issue.

State can survive when the state can exercise authority over itself. How symbols, drawn from the relations of person to others, can find submission within what we take to be the limits of individual mind.


Unfortunately for the Pakistani authorities force is thought of solely in terms of physical force, then it is impossible to see how a man can discipline and exercise control over himself. He can only discipline and control others against whom he can bring to bear physical force. Therefore it is impossible to see how there can be such a thing as self government. No society can be said to govern itself, if government and self are thought of purely in physical terms. There can only be the exercise of physical control and coercion by one group over another.

What Baloch want is not what Punjabi-Mohijir wants. Punjabi Mohijir wants to colonize. Baloch want liberation from colonizer under the pretext of a (failed) state. Pakhtoon have sought their own design to govern their life. What public want in any moment must be corrected and amended by what public want at every other moment.






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